Sean Mathias






For the last 15+ years, I have worked in various fields of technology. I was part of the team supporting the Windows 95 launch, then moved on to spend a number of years as an individual contributor, then manager, then executive in a number of dot-com companies and startups, and have spent the last number of years as an SME at large telecommunications companies.

As with much of what I do, I am completely self-taught in all of these areas. I started my career as a systems engineer and when I got my MSCE in 1996, I didn't know anyone else who had one! It was a big deal back then. I provided server and backoffice support for Microsoft server products. At this time, I wrote a book on Windows NT Workstation 4.0 and co-authored another covering Internet Information Server.

I then moved in to a management role at a dot-com before the phrase had been coined. In this position I wore many hats as was the case with these environments, and developed my skills with Internet programming, supporting applications and developed my Unix and networking skills. I spent a couple of years consulting independantly, designing data centers and helping to scale up server systems and application capacity. At this time I also released some Shareware applications and developed a front-end interface for managing RAID array systems for the manufacturer.

I repeated this for a number of Internet companies, moving further up the management chain at each successive company, to Director, then Vice President and managing groups of up to 60 people. I have an exceptional record of building technology support organizations that provide a high level of service to its customers and maintain excellent resource availability for all compute and communications resources.

After a number of years in this capacity, I moved from working at small companies to working for very large communications companies, and moving from a management role back to an indicidual contributor/SME role. To push myself and solidify my skills in this capacity, I studied for and passed my CCIE exam in five months and on the first attempt. I have spent the last five years working with some of the largest companies and helping to design and build their next generation networks using Cisco and Juniper hardware on an MPLS backbone.